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Modern web design that performs!

M-BIT - Web design and development

Using some of the latest technologies, we create cost effective and professional websites that are fully tailored to the requirement of each client. We don’t use pre-made templates because we want our customers to have a unique product and to stand out from the crowd!

Something your visitors will want to see

We focus on designing interfaces with efficient navigation to help your clients find and access the requested information. Effective web design communicates directly with the visitor and emphasizes who you are and what your company has to offer. Do you linger longer than ten seconds on a website with annoying music in the background, with poor navigation, or on a website that offers you all kinds of information except the one you’re looking for? Studies show that the average visitor needs 5-10 seconds to decide whether he likes the page. Guided by similar research, we create intuitive web design that will provide your visitors with a desire to browse around!

Emphasis on accessibility and ease of use

Responsive web design

To ensure easy browsing, we design your pages to be accessible on all devices. Using the so-called “responsive web design” we provide perfect web browsing experience, while optimizing the loading speed on mobile devices. Each pixel is in it’s place, and the user is provided with a quick and easy access to information.

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