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The internet is a global marketplace and it never sleeps which is reason enough to create a web shop and to take advantage of that. A web shop system will allow you to receive online payment by credit cards for goods and services using a variety of online payment facilities such as PayPal. Depending on your requirements an e-commerce website can cost less than you think, while offering significant advantages for your business.

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We’re ready to offer you several solutions for starting your own online store. Based around a content management system they allow you to add, remove, and edit products, as well as upload images. All e-commerce solutions we use allow you to edit product options, prices, shipping details and many other things. Also, all of them are open source. We love open source technology as it is at the cutting edge of programming, is constantly updated and is, therefore, more secure than non-open source software. Also, you don’t have to pay any license fees

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