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What is a Content Management System?

Managing a website used to be a highly-specialized task reserved for those who were skilled in HTML. You had to rely on an IT person to make changes or perhaps outsource changes to a website company who might take days or even weeks to respond. However, today’s websites function as information hubs and waiting for an IT person or a website company to make changes to your website is not an acceptable process anymore. So, today’s websites are managed with a Content Management System, also called a “CMS” for short. In short, a CMS is a web-based platform that allows you to manage day-to-day content updates on the website, regardless of your programming skills and web development experience.

Why choose CMS?


    CMS affords an easy way to make changes to your website without implanting any technical knowledge. The system is formatted in such a way that it automates the entire procedure. Imagine editing your website on a word document.

    The page design on a CMS is controlled by templates which means you can make changes to your website without the fear of breaking the design or deleting the whole page by mistake.

    With a comprehensive access control, a CMS website can allow multiple users to log in at the same time to add, edit and maintain the pages of the website. You can have your employees add content to your website.

    Content Management Systems are modular which means you can add additional functions to your website even after the website has been developed.

    With the simple administrative console on your website, you can now manage your website on your own. No need to pay web developers to add additional content to your website, unless you need a professional service to take care of that.

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